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CISAO Annual Assembly

The relationships between Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, and the rest of the world are undergoing a significant transformation due to major changes in the international landscape and new internal economic and political dynamism. CISAO aims to continue being a focal point and synthesis hub for many of the activities in higher education, research, and territorial cooperation that the University of Turin can offer to those interested in the African continent and its transition towards a new development model.

This was the starting point of the CISAO Annual Assembly held on June 12 in the presence of the Center’s Management Committee and some members of the scientific committee.

The numerous activities carried out by the Center over the past year were quickly reviewed, particularly those focused on writing institutional projects in collaboration with other Italian universities such as the TNE-MIUR Transnational Educational Initiatives Project and ERASMUS-EDU-2024-CB-VET. Additionally, it was emphasized that CISAO’s goal is to maintain its role as an interface between research and capacity-building actions. Therefore, during the past year, relationships with Piedmontese NGOs (and beyond) and the myriad of actors participating in decentralized cooperation activities, such as various Piedmontese municipalities, have continued to strengthen.

These relationships have been consolidated through meetings organized by the Center and the Piedmont Region, which remains an important point of reference for activities over the years.

The release of the AICS 2023 Call was one such occasion that led to CISAO’s participation as a partner in five proposals. The topics on which the Center was involved are particularly interesting: the transition of food systems and the related political actions, agroecology, labor, women’s empowerment, and energy transition, demonstrating the multidisciplinary nature that persists within the Center.

The assembly concluded by highlighting two needs: the first concerning the organization of an event for the 20th anniversary of CISAO, and the second on the desire to find opportunities to share not only the Center’s activities with the public but also the major discussion topics that are traversing the African continent.

In summary, it’s a work in progress… until the next assembly.